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Meet Dr. David Wright

Getting People Well in Belmont

Dr. David Wright Chiropractor Belmont NC

Dr. David Wright

Belmont families have extended a warm welcome to their newest resident, Dr. David Wright, a recent transplant from a small town outside of Buffalo, New York. Dr. Wright made the decision to relocate to Belmont, leaving behind one of the largest chiropractic offices in the Buffalo region. He and his wife, Sue, embrace small town values. The pair fell in love with our community while visiting Dr. Wright’s two brothers, who’ve lived here since 2006. The opportunity to be closer to family and be of service to the residents of our beautiful city made his decision an easy one.

Knowing Makes All the Difference

“When I was 12, I began to experience low back pain while playing sports. The pain was so severe it affected my ability to walk and would bring me to tears. My parents took me to a pediatrician, who offered some medication that didn’t provide much relief. We then tried physical therapy for six weeks, which worsened the pain. A podiatrist prescribed orthotics, but again, I felt no better.”

Dr. Wright’s grandmother finally suggested that they take him to see her chiropractor. “Although my parents were nervous, they agreed. I’m so glad they did because after just three adjustments my low back pain was completely gone!” Considering that he had experienced months of near-constant pain, this turn-around felt miraculous. “After that, I didn’t just believe in chiropractic; I had an absolute knowing. I knew it worked.”

Developing a Passion for Clinical Excellence

After graduating with honors from the University of Buffalo, Dr. Wright was accepted at National College of Chiropractic in Chicago, earning his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 1997. He returned to Buffalo shortly after that to establish his practice, then expanding to a second office in Amherst in 2012.

Dr. Wright’s ongoing thirst for knowledge has resulted in countless hours of postgraduate study, including

  • Advanced certification in Activator Methods™
  • Clinical excellence in MRI interpretation, disc pathology and nutrition
  • Diplomate status in the American Academy of Medical Legal Professionals

He’s also a highly regarded international associate clinical instructor in Activator Methods™.

Making Time for Family

Although he’s passionate about his profession and the patients who make up his practice, Dr. Wright’s family is his true love. He refers to his wife and children as his “bliss” and the reason for his drive and commitment to excellence. He loves the energy of his busy household and savors the moments of togetherness. As a family, they all enjoy traveling, skiing and going to the beach.

He also loves to read, entertain friends, exercise and golf. He’s always been heavily involved in athletics and fitness, including wrestling, football, baseball and martial arts. Dr. Wright is a self-described car nut. “I’m no mechanic, but I love all types of automobiles, old and new. I’d have 20 vehicles if my wife let me. Luckily, she keeps me balanced, in more ways than one!”

If your health isn’t ideal, or if you feel like you’ve tried an endless cycle of solutions that just don’t work, we may be able to help. Contact us today to take the first step toward optimal health.

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