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About Us

The Story Behind Our Central Chiropractic & Sports Medicine Name

When we made the decision to make Belmont the home of our new chiropractic office, the name of the practice immediately revealed itself. Our clinic is located in the heart of town on Central Avenue. Our primary focus in chiropractic is to optimize and harmonize the “central” nervous system. This new name reflects our goal to be central in the health care of everyone of our patients and the Belmont community.

Family Care Since 1998

Although our first practice, which opened in 1998, was one of the largest in a small town in New York, our basic philosophy hasn’t changed. Our reasoning is simple: health and well-being come from within. Just like confidence, self-esteem and self-love, these concepts must begin within ourselves. The ability to heal and self-regulate is improved when our nervous system is communicating properly with every cell, tissue and organ.

At Central Chiropractic & Sports Medicine our care is based on revitalizing the body from the inside out. We correct misalignment patterns in the spine, which helps to reduce pain, while increasing vitality, energy, strength and stamina. Along with regular exercise, sufficient rest and adequate nutrition, targeted chiropractic care helps the body heal naturally.

Our Practice Difference

Our patients are often surprised when we tell them, “We don’t treat back pain.” Our primary goal is to help people function better not just mask symptoms. It’s our mission and purpose. Our health and well being are a function of balanced living from the inside out. Over the years we have found a specific formula that helps the body to thrive, gently and naturally. This includes:

  • A spine free of interference, optimizing nervous system communication and function
  • Consistent and intelligent movement for vitality and accurate biofeedback to the brain
  • Sound nutrition for responsive immunity and optimal body chemistry
  • Quality sleep to rebuild and recharge the central nervous system

How symptoms manifest isn’t nearly as important as finding and correcting the cause of the problem. In our years of experience, we have found that spinal interference is often at the heart of the dysfunction. Let us help you to get to the source of your problem! Make an appointment today; we’re here to help.

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